Monday, March 25, 2024

Learn How to Stop Procrastinating

While trying to come up with an idea for this month's blog post, I was stumped. Roots dug deep into nothing. No fertile soil, only clay. I thought something exciting or noteworthy must have happened to me within the last few weeks that I could turn into a blog post. 

I spent time working on my novel in progress, but that's not different or interesting. I spent time with family and friends, shared meals with them and received unexpected compliments, but those events were not blog worthy, either.

Then I thought about all the stuff that I was ignoring. Cleaning, yard work, submitting pb manuscripts, updating pictures on our conference website, getting Christmas photos printed (to be framed and displayed), cleaning out my emails and texts just to name a few of the things that should get done. But I did not want to do any of those things. So I did what any writer would do, I picked up a book and headed for the couch.


That's when the idea came to me. My post should be about procrastinating. Why am I procrastinating? 

The article below explains why we procrastinate and ways to to stop procrastinating written by Dr. Itamar Shatz


Why People Procrastinate: The Psychology and Causes of Procrastination

What are you putting off for another day?


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