Sunday, April 28, 2024

Character Study: List of Grievances

Families and parents aren’t perfect, but you can use that information to strengthen your characters and make them more three dimensional. Write what you know.

Below is your character’s list of grievances.

Growing up in your family, what did you hate as a kid /teenager? Like?

What was a special memory of your childhood? A painful memory?

What made you angry?

Were you the favorite child?

Did you feel you were ignored by your parent(s)?

Who was your favorite parent and why?

Were your parent(s) unfair? In what way?

Did one parent spend more time with you or your sibling? How did that make you feel?

Did you have to help with chores or babysitting while your sibling could come and go with few restrictions?

Did you like your sibling(s)? If not, why?

Were you jealous of a sibling? Why?

Was a sibling jealous of you? Why?

Was your family the one who always had your friends over for dinner or sleepovers? If not, why?

My list may be depressing or even upsetting as you recall painful memories of your childhood, but the goal is to make you think about your characters, give them depth, give them a family problem or an emotional problem. What’s their backstory? Why do your characters do what they do?

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