Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Hybrid Publishing: What Is It?

Hybrid publishing is similar to self-publishing in that the author pays for some or all of the services. They are like traditional publishing in that the hybrid business model mirrors traditional publishers – a submission process, using book designers, editing manuscripts and making the business decisions.

The benefits of hybrid publishing are the author is seen as a business partner, and because they are financing their project, they keep the majority of the profits.

There are four classes of hybrid publishing:
1. Traditional publishers who hybrid publish, but keep it a secret.
2. Partnership publishing models
3. Agent-assisted publishing models
4. Other assisted publishing models

Authors have choices and must make the choice that is right for them. Some authors are comfortable converting their files and uploading their work, doing book design, editing, marketing and promotions. Others don’t have the desire or interest to learn self-publishing and want someone else to turn their manuscript into a finished project. Others want a little of both.

Click the link to find my source and read the distinctions between different hybrid publishers. The article also names publishers in the last three categories.


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