Saturday, May 14, 2016

Say Goodbye to Clutter

Warmer weather, for some, fires up the urge to purge: spring cleaning, garage sales and decluttering. For others, it means firing up the grill and grabbing a beer!

But, who doesn’t have a closet full of clutter or a basement full of forgotten treasures? Looking in my own basement there are old Christmas decorations that haven’t sighted an evergreen tree in decades, a baby dresser, a toxic corner full of old paint cans and boxes of old college text books. And that’s just one corner of the useless, space-taking, forget-me-not (yes, we have) clutter.

Why do we hold on to these possessions? I have some theories: we have an emotional attachment to them; we paid for them and to dispose of them is throwing out money, referred to as sunk money; some day we may need it; we still like the item that is taking up valuable real estate in our basement or closet; if we throw away all the supplies purchased for a project, we’d have to admit that we’re never going to build that wall, sorry, I meant privacy fence. As long as we keep all the supplies, there is still hope for that never-started, but abandoned project.

My decluttering project is returning to my organizing of photos that are over 30 years old. A few weeks ago, I started off with a burst of energy and enthusiasm of a toddler that waned after several days of several hours hunched over a dozen envelopes of baby pictures trying to figure out when the pictures were taken or how old the babies were. But this time, I’m giving myself a daily time limit. When the time is up, whatever I’ve accomplished is more than before I started. And that’s good enough for me.

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Tips for what not to do:

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