Monday, September 25, 2023

Workshops for Tugging on Your Reader's Heartstrings

Having characters pull on your heartstrings make them more relatable, more dimensional. When you’re revising and you’ve checked off all the boxes on your manuscript, plot, pacing, dialogue, setting, conflict, character, etc., and you’ve done this many times, but you still feel there is something missing. The answer could be there is no emotional arc or strong emotions for the reader triggered by any character.

Who do you want the reader to love or hate? Is there a character you want the reader to root for or feel sympathy for?

If you’re stumped on how to draw out the reader’s emotions and you’ve read more books on craft, maybe it’s time to splurge on targeted writing workshops. There are tons of workshops and conferences, many are promoted on social media or do a google search.

Once you’ve decided on a conference or workshops, check the workshop’s schedule to see how many workshops are being offered that day, are they mostly question and answer panels, lecture format, are there hands-on writing exercises, is there too much free time, etc.

Highlights Foundation is reputable and offers dozens of different workshops. The subject choices are many, prices affordable, lodging and food are included. Workshops can be in person, virtual or on-demand. I highly recommend them and have attended many.


The link below is for an on-demand course on writing for the emotional impact.


This link is for an article on the three basic emotions and how to create them in your characters.

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