Friday, September 30, 2016

Tips for a Successful Book Launch

Savvy Writers and e-books online has developed a successful book launch plan. Like any event, the success is in the details and the effort put forth. I’ve listed the jobs below, but visit Savvy Writers and e-books online top 18 book launch tips for more detailed information.

Two months before the book launch: Order your books, secure a venue for your launch, invite social media to spread the word, organize a blog promotion or tour, invite the local press, retweet button in free e-books and ask for book endorsements from influential people (you could also include those that have popular blogs or large followings on social media).

Three weeks before: Use event pages on Goodreads and other social media; print invitations, books bookmark and business cards; verify delivery of books; ask your friends to help with the party; supply food and drink; order big posters of your book cover; create a photo contest; prepare an event website and broadcast live videos.

Day of the event: Set up early and gather addresses.

Planning a successful event is stressful and time consuming. When your day finally arrives, have fun and others will, too!

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