Friday, October 30, 2015

October 2015: Inspiration by Kendra

Attendees shared an afternoon with the affable Kendra Levin, Senior Editor at Viking and a certified life coach for writers and artists ( She opened the afternoon by discussing writing with intention and connecting with the ideal reader. To boil it down, successful authors “create for an audience of one.” (Kurt Vonnegut) The exercise involved thinking of a character, being specific in the details and writing something for that character.

Attendees learned what their monster was that kept them from reaching their writing goals and also, what their character wanted to tell them after a meditation exercise.

Kendra finished the workshop with a discussion on goals. The final exercise was a schematic drawing depicting how to achieve your writing goals and record your progress.  

Thank you, Kendra, and all our attendees for a wonderful afternoon and for supporting the Children's Writers of the Hudson Valley!

Schematic drawing on goals
Kendra discussing goals

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