Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sunny Sweet Is So Not Sorry!

Masha never worried about going to bed with an evil genius living in the same house, AKA her younger sister, Sonny, until she woke up one morning with plastic flowers glued to her head.

Sonny is a sweet, innocent, curious child who just happens to be a brilliant, budding scientist. And what would a scientist be without experiments? And every experiment needs a guinea pig or in this case, her older sister, Masha.

But Masha is tired of being a science experiment. What she’d like is for people to remember her name. She is Masha, not Marsha. It’s hard enough being the new girl in school and showing up with a bouquet of flowers cemented to the top of her head will not make it any easier. Sunny will be so sorry for what she did!

As they look for ways to loosen the glue, Masha’s day goes from bad to worse. She quickly ends up bruised with a black eye, a not-so-busted arm with an orange cast and open cuts on her head. By the time their zany adventure is over, Sonny will have been lost several times sending Masha on a hunt for her while evading the people looking for Masha.

Sunny Sweet Is So Not Sorry by Jennifer Ann Mann is a funny and charming story of two sisters and their adventure that ends with a better understanding between them. But don’t relax just yet, Masha, Sonny is so not done with her human experiments!

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