Saturday, February 2, 2013

Highlights Founders' Workshop

Today I'm starting my chat or yak. My first decision was what to call it. The knee jerk response was to call it My Blog, but that sounded too formal for me. I thought about calling it My Ramblings, My Thoughts or Chit Chat. Eventually, I settled with Yak-itty Yak. No pressure. What could your expectations be with a non-pithy title?

My goal is to keep this short and sweet. Everyone is busy and I don't want to waste "too much" of any one's time!

Anyone who knows me as a writer, knows I'm a big fan of the Highlights Founders' Workshops. I will let you in on a little secret. I have never taken any formal writing classes. Gasp! Not that I don't need them, I do. And that's where Highlights comes in. Their workshops have been a godsend for me. The faculty, the staff, the accommodations (your own little cabin in the woods!), the camaraderie, the workshops and the food are excellent. (Those that don't know me through writing, know me as a foodie!)

You will be expected to write, revise, and work hard in these workshops. There will be writing on-demand. And there will be private, quiet time in your cabin to do the work.

I have worked closely with Patricia Gauch at several workshops. She has become my mentor. Encouraging me, guiding me and strengthening me as a writer. Because of her, my manuscript is stronger and may even stand a chance in today's competitive book market.

Where have you found inspiration?

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